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24/7 Emergency Towing & Roadside Assistance in North Highlands, CA

Towing Service in North Highlands, CA

Need towing? We can help. North Highlands Towing provides towing services in North Highlands, CA, and the surrounding area. We offer affordable towing with 24-hour dispatch, so when you have car trouble or have been involved in an accident give us a call and we’ll send someone right over. We tow motorcycles, cars, trucks, and trailers.

Call North Highlands Towing any time day or night to get dependable towing service, fast towing, flatbed towing or any towing service to get you back on the road again. Whether you need to tow a car to a shop for repair, tow a heavy-duty vehicle to its new destination, or just have a motorcycle that needs to be moved somewhere else in Sacramento, give North Highlands Towing a call! We’re more than happy to help and can provide towing to your new destination, to a body shop, mechanic, or anywhere else you need to go!

Our team has over 30 years of combined towing experience to make sure all our customers get to their destinations safely. We have a great track record of providing towing services to get you from point A to point B quickly and efficiently.

24-hour Emergency Towing & Roadside Assistance

No matter what time of day or night you need towing, we can help. We offer 24-hour towing and emergency roadside assistance to get to you quickly. If you’re stranded, give North Highlands Towing a call and we’ll come to get you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

We offer our 24-hour towing services to North Highlands, CA, and all its surrounding areas including Rocklin, West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Antelope, and Roseville. No matter where in the Sacramento area you are, we can service you!

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Customers Love North Highlands Towing

“I’ve been towing with North Highlands Towing for years and have to say that they are simply the best towing company in Sacramento. Their towing staff is fast, friendly, and I always feel safe when they tow my car to its destination.” – Nancy B., Antelope, CA

“I was stuck with a flat tire on West El Camino Avenue at midnight. I really didn’t want to change it myself since it was so dark and the traffic on the road was still pretty bad. North Highlands Towing to the rescue! They arrived within minutes to change my tire and got me on my way again safely.” – Mary G., Sacramento, CA

“After my accident, I called for a wrecker to tow my car to the repair shop. They were fast to respond to my call and got my car to the shop in Sacramento quickly. North Highlands Towing was a lifesaver!” – Paul L., Fair Oaks, CA

Cheap & Affordable Local Towing Service

Looking to save some money? We offer some of the cheapest towing rates in the Sacramento area. If you’ve been involved in an accident or your car broke down on the side of the road give us a call for cheap towing to any destination in the area. If you’re towing a motorcycle or towing a big rig we can tow it to any nearby city.

Call now to see how much you could save! (916) 333-0229

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Towing isn’t the only service we offer to our customers. We also provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. If you’re out on the road and it’s starting to get dark, if your car breaks down on the side of the highway or your battery dies we can come to your rescue. Simply call us and our emergency roadside technicians can come to jump-start your car, change your tire, or bring a gallon of gas to help get you back up and on your way again.

Don’t wait, call now! (916) 333-0229

Vehicle Lock Assistance

Have you locked your keys in the car? Don’t worry we can help! We provide lockout service to all our towing customers. We also specialize in car locks. Don’t worry if you have a broken key fob, if your key is stuck in the lock, or if the door to your vehicle won’t open. If you’re locked out of your vehicle and need to get in, whatever the reason, we can help!

For fast service call (916) 333-0229 to speak to our friendly towing staff anytime day or night.

Tire Change Service

Got a flat tire? We can fix that. Our emergency roadside technicians can come to change a tire for you! We can put on your spare, and if you don’t have a spare, we can bring you a new tire that will work for your vehicle. No matter the circumstance or how you got the flat tire, we can get you back on the road safely.

Battery Jump Start Service

A dead car battery is no problem for our tow truck drivers. We can give you a jump start or bring you a new battery to get your car back up and running. Whether the battery to your vehicle died or if it’s been drained of power, we can get your car started again in no time!

Fuel Delivery Service

Did you run out of gas? We can help! Our roadside assistance service can bring you a gallon or two of gas to get you back on the road again. North Highlands towing offers fuel delivery to all our towing customers in the Sacramento area. Don’t take the time and risk to walk to a gas station. It’s safer and more convenient to just call and have a gallon of gas delivered to you, plus you’ll save valuable time!

Winch-out Service

Have you been stuck in a ditch? Leave towing to the pros! We offer winch-out service anywhere in the Sacramento area, to help you get your vehicle safely back on the road. Don’t put yourself or others at risk by trying to get out of a ditch on your own. Let us use our heavy-duty equipment to pull you out and up to to the road again.

For towing to any destination, emergency roadside assistance to North Highlands, CA and all surrounding areas call (916) 333-0229 today to speak to our towing staff.

Private Property Towing Service

Is someone blocking your driveway? If another vehicle is blocking your driveway or garage, you can call North Highlands Towing to have the offending vehicle removed immediately, lawfully, and at no cost to you! We offer our private property towing services to all residents of North Highlands and the surrounding areas.

If you have regular problems with illegally parked vehicles blocking your private property, we can help with that too! Give us a call, we’re experts on parking rules and regulations and can provide you with “no parking/tow away” signage to help deter continued illegal parking at your private property. Call (916) 333-0229 today!

Junk Car Removal & Towing Service

Do you have an old junk car taking up space on your property? Are you looking to have a car removed to free up some space? Do you have an abandoned car on your property that’s been there for months or even years? We can tow away any car to any destination of your choice.

If you’re looking to get rid of a junk vehicle and want to make sure it gets recycled properly call us to have it towed to the recycling center to ensure your vehicle is properly disposed of. Call (916) 333-0229 today to speak to our towing staff, and get that old junk car gone!

Accident Towing Service

Were you in an accident? If you were involved in a car accident and need towing to get your vehicle to a repair shop or to have it towed to your home, we can help with that too! Your safety is our top priority. Our towing professionals will first ensure that you and your passengers are safe and comfortable. Then we can help you tow your vehicle to any destination of your choice, including the closest insurance-approved repair shop to make sure your vehicle is repaired to the highest quality standards possible. No matter what kind of accident it is, don’t put yourself at risk trying to move the vehicles yourself. Just give us a call and we can tow to any location.

Medium & Heavy-duty Towing Service

Do you need to tow a heavy-duty vehicle or equipment to its new destination? Our towing service is available to tow anything you need to its new destination. We offer medium and heavy-duty towing services to help you haul not only cars but also vans, trucks, construction equipment, and machinery.

Whatever heavy-duty vehicle or equipment you’ve got, just call one of our friendly tow truck operators and we’ll come to safely move it to wherever it needs to go. Whether you need to tow to a shop or another location, just give us a call. We’re more than happy to help.

Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed towing, also called wrecker towing, is one of the most popular and safest methods to tow your vehicle to its new destination. Flatbed towing is safe for any type of car, van, or truck to ensure they are moved without damage to the body of the car, or any wear and tear on the tires, wheels, or axles. If you need to have something towed in Sacramento or near North Highlands, and would like flatbed or wrecker service, give us a call!

Motorcycle Towing Service

Do you need to tow a motorcycle? Don’t worry! We’re experts at towing motorcycles and can safely load up your motorcycle to get it to its destination damage-free. We offer motorcycle towing to help you move any size bike to anywhere within the Sacramento area, including North Highlands.

Whether you have a large or small bike to tow, just give us a call. We can provide towing to your new destination so you don’t have to risk breaking down on the side of the highway. Our towing service is fast and dependable 24 hours a day thanks to our dedicated staff. We know how important your motorcycle is to you, trust North Highlands Towing to get it there safely and quickly.

RV Towing Service

Need to tow an RV or motorhome? There’s no towing job too small or too large for North Highlands Towing, we can tow it all! We offer towing services for any type of RV to get it to a repair shop or mechanic. Depending on the kind of RV you have and where you need to tow, our team can hook up your vehicle to one of our heavy-duty tow rigs to get it to its destination safe and damage-free.

Just give us a call and we’ll provide towing service to take your RV or motorhome to its destination safely. Whether you need to tow an RV near North Highlands, CA, or anywhere in the Sacramento area, you can trust North Highlands to tow it all! We can help with any kind of RV regardless of the size or where you need to tow it to, just call (916) 333-0229 to speak to our friendly staff or to get more information.

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Thank you for choosing North Highlands Towing! Our tow truck drivers are professional and friendly. Our towing is fast and to the point. We always show up to help when you need us most. No matter what your towing or roadside assistance needs are in North Highlands, West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Antelope, or Roseville call (916) 333-0229 to get towing by guys who care.

We’re committed to providing towing services to get you to your destination in the Sacramento area with safety, care, and speed. Our professional towing service is unmatched by other towing companies and we love hearing from our customers to learn how we can provide better services to make reaching your destination as quick and easy as possible!

Our tow truck operators are friendly and professional to help you quickly load your vehicle. They know how to handle towing with care to prevent damage to the body of your car, truck, or motorcycle to save you costly repairs. If you need a tow truck in North Highlands, or anywhere in Sacramento, give us a call today! We hope to hear from you soon.

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